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The pieces shown here are examples of my work and the exact pieces may or may not be available for sale.  Please contact me via the contact link to discuss a similar piece if your choice is no longer available.

Sycamore Three Bowl Set

This is a highly figured 3 bowl set hand turned from the same blank so that the character is reflected through each bowl.   Absolutely beautiful character in this set.  Graduating in diameter and height, the largest bowl is 16.5 inches in diameter by just over 6 inches deep and the smallest is 7.75 inches in diameter by 2 inches deep.  


wood bowl X-large Sycamore Bowl

Highly figured with a generous combination of heart and sapwood. This bowl is extra deep and would be a great salad bowl for entertaining.  SOLD.


wood bowl Cherry Bowl

Medium to large cherry bowl with nice figure. Nice size for family fruit or salad serving.  SOLD.


hand turned bowl White Oak Bowl

Turned thin and light this is a nice display or utility bowl. Wormy white oak. Available.  $150.00   SOLD.


hand turned bowl White Oak Bowl

A larger bowl at 16 inches wide by 5 and 1/2 inches deep. This is hard, dense, beautiful brown white oak with profiled rim and base. Available. $350.00   SOLD.


hand turned bowl Ebonized White Oak Bowl

A giant 18 inch bowl turned for my dining room table. Ebonized black to tie in with the dining chairs. Profiled rim and base. Not for sale.  Orders only.


urn wood White Oak Urn

White oak urn with hand chased threaded lid. Makes a nice pet urn.   SOLD.


pet urn Pecan Urn

Hand turned urn in Georgia Pecan. The walnut lid is hand threaded to the base to ensure a secure, yet reversible seal. Crafted to hold up to a 50 pound loved one at time of passing. Beautiful piece.  SOLD.


wood urn White Oak Urn

White oak urn sized for a pet. Hand turned, and hand chased, threaded lid. Crafted to hold up to a 50 pound loved one at time of passing.  SOLD.


wood urn Walnut Urn

This urn was sized to carry the remains of a large dog. Hand turned from walnut with hand chased, threaded lid in african blackwood. Orders only.


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